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The masterminds behind this heartfelt event

We want to build a community of people who are seeking to live their best lives. We want to help their journeys by bringing together the change makers and experts in personal wellness and professional growth every year!

In a world full of algorithms, hashtags, followers and likes, know the importance of HUMAN CONNECTION.

Thank you for supporting us and for making yourself a priority. We look forward to meeting you September 21.




    Coach, Mentor, Doula, Author

    Jessie Harrold is a coach, women’s mentor, doula + author of the book Project Body Love: my quest to love my body and the surprising truth I found instead.  Jessie works with women and mothers as they navigate major life transitions, offering them an opportunity to reclaim a connection with themselves, their bodies, the earth, and their communities.  She offers 1:1 coaching and doula support, two experiential online programs - reWILD and MotherSHIFT - and leads pregnancy retreats and wilderness quests. www.jessieharrold.com

    Join Jessie for a body love quest of your own during this workshop. Jessie will tell the story of writing Project Body Love, read from the book, and then invite you into your own experience. Including journaling, deep conversation, and a somatic practice that will shake up your idea of self-care, you’ll come away with a totally new perspective on your body and what it means to love it.

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    Self Published Author

    Dhavita is a writer. Her debut book of poetry, Purification, was born out of Dhavita's decision to lean into her practice of meditation while wading through the dark waters of postpartum depression. Since finding herself by journeying inward, Dhavita has become passionate about helping others connect with themselves and discover their soul expression. 


    Dhavita's book is available for sale worldwide on Amazon and she will soon be offering meditation guidance both online and in person. www.dhavita.com


    The written word is so powerful. It is both a release of that which no longer serves us and a declaration of what we wish to bring into creation. In Dhavita's session, she will guide you through an experience to connect deeply with your higher self, opening you up to your infinite creativity. Be prepared to be surprised as you find yourself write the words your higher self longs for you to read. You will leave this experience with a written expression of your soul. This may look like a poem, personal mantra, or prayer.

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    Energy Intuitive

    Sara Mader is an energy intuitive dedicated to healing the world, one story at a time.Through the art of communication we create meaningful connection. Sara believes that it’s through these connections we are able to open the dialogue and begin the journey to heal our wounds, trauma and pre conditioned beliefs. As an energy intuitive she’s able to deliver messages to those who seek them using oracle cards and other Divination tools. 

    Rediscover the art of communication and the power behind your story in this session of healing and spiritual growth.




    Author (Self), Illustrator, Artist, Transformational Coach, Facilitator,Teacher, Designer


    Dawn Sinclair was born a creator a true multipotentialite. Her natural vision and ability to create has resulted in many successful pursuits. Her own Self Discovery journey lead her to make the life altering shift from a ten year teaching career; to follow an inner calling and began a professional Interior Decorating Career. Choosing to follow the path unknown, aligning with her dreams and honouring her authentic self opened her up to the unexpected world of possibilities that had always been waiting for her.  

    Whether it’s through her inspiring words, art, design, holding group sessions or transformational coaching; she inspires others to embrace their highest potential and live their most beautiful lives. A supportive guide on the journey of turning inwards; of coming back into connection with yourself and discovering the fulfillment, power and wholeness that already exists 

    The Space Between The Busy gives you the opportunity to briefly step away from the busyness of your week and focus on YOU.  Think of it as a soul massage; a spa for your mind. In this supportive, comforting session you will experience soothing music, guided meditation, the ethereal sound of Koshi Chimes, oracle messages and self inquiry and discussion.  Relax, Renew and Recharge.

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    Fiber Artist / Workshop Facilitator

    Melanie Smith, of Salty Goddess Fibres, is a Nova Scotia-based fibre artist and workshop facilitator, creating felted artworks and wearables. Themes represented in her work include the female form, seascapes, landscapes, yoga, wildlife, and abstracts. She offers workshops throughout the Halifax area. Melanie believes art connects us to our true selves and to others.

    Creativity has always been a gateway to expression and self-exploration. In this experience, we’ll use fibre and wool as a tactile medium to deeper connect to self. Get your hands wet, get into your body, and play with creation through the age-old art form of felting with Melanie of Salty Goddess Fibres.

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    Andrea & Terra

    Nidra & Sound

    Andrea is a certified and experienced yoga and meditation teacher and co-owner of Lower Sackville Yoga. Andrea approaches her yoga practice and teaching as an opportunity to nurture the needs of the whole person - body, mind and spirit. Her calming voice guides you on the meditation journey of Yoga Nidra. In her free time you might find her on her SUP with her dog or channeling her inner monkey on the aerial silks.
    Terra is a certified and Vibrational Sound Therapist, meditation teacher and owner of Awaken Vibrational Sound Therapy. She loves singing country tunes (even if she is tone deaf) and is known for spontaneously breaking out in dance! There is a good chance you will witness this in person.

    Together, Andrea and Terra are Nidra & Sound. These two friends hold space for you to feel completely at ease so you can slip into a state of complete relaxation and reflection with this meditation practice that combines Yoga Nidra and Sound Healing to take you on an inward journey home.

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    Integrative Health Coach, Author, Educator, and Advocate for Highly Sensitives/Empaths

    Jeannette Folan's first novel "Diary of a Teenage Empath" was like a can of proverbial worms. Within the next two years, she co-authored a digital interactive workbook "Energy Skills for HSP/Empath Teens", and created a parent/child activity book "Discovering the Power of Sensitivity". Last year, with her mentor Dr. Wendy Nickerson, she launched the first-ever accredited HSP training program for mental health professionals. She leads an HSP community group here in Halifax and advocates for HSPs in the mental health community.

    This workshop is for Highly Sensitives/Empaths who desire greater understanding and control of their energy system.  You will learn the 3 Energy Modes and practice effective energy poses, prayers and techniques that will help shift your mind-body-spirit so that you can experience greater wellness, deeper intuition, divine connection, and self-love.

    Best of all, you can take everything you learn in this workshop with you to incorporate into your own practice/routine (handout provided).

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    Certified Life Coach, Certified Yoga Instructor, Chakradance Facilitator

    Brenda Mailer, of Seabright Spirit, is a life student of transformational change and personal empowerment. She is dedicated to helping people live their best life, connected to their true self. She believes with mindful awareness and listening to our inner wisdom, we can live fulfilling lives, even on the busy days. Brenda focuses on the whole being, cultivating the mind, body, and spirit connection, thereby enhancing ones overall life experience. She works one-on-one with clients, through workshops and local classes, as well as offers online guidance through her private Facebook group See Your Bright Spirit. 

    Join Brenda for a journey into balance. After taking a few moments to drop inward with a guided meditation, you will dive into an exploration of your life from a bird’s eye view. You will gain clarity about many facets of your life, discover where energy is given and where it could be redirected for more balance and life fulfillment. You will walk away with an action plan inspired by your needs to live your best life. 

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    Certified Nia Instructor

    Maggie is not only a certified Nia Instructor, she is a linguist, poet, mother of two and a firm believer in the healing powers of nature, the body, our voices, music and dance.

    Nia combines natural movements from three dance arts (Modern, Jazz, Duncan), three martial arts (Aikido, Tai Chi, Taekwondo) and three healing arts (Alexander technique, Feldenkrais, Yoga). This holistic barefoot movement practice is guided by 'sensing inward' and 'moving in order to feel better'. Nia can help improve flexibility, mobility, agility, strength, and stability. Nia practice touches the body, mind, spirit and emotions. The motto is: 'Through movement we find health.'

    The Nia session provides physical activity! Participants can move at their own pace, in barefoot.  All levels of abilities are welcomed. 



    Energy Intuitive

    Bahia is a Professional Engineer turned Energy Intuitive. She creates a welcoming space for people to deepen their connection to life and themselves through stillness, sound healing, energy work and so much more. She offers private, couples, families and group experiences. She has this magical way of transmuting stuck energy into healing, wisdom and essentially -badassery! Bahia will help you get to the root of any perceived challenge - all that is required is an openness to change. Her speciality is transitioning through major life changes, trauma, stress, anxiety, relationships, spiritual awakenings and more! To work with Bahia is transformational.

    In one sound healing session you have the opportunity to heal aspects of your past, dream your future and be present in the NOW to manifest your desires. Group sound healing sessions offer a powerful container for self-exploration as each person has their own unique experience depending on what their specific intention is. Together we can release heavy stuck emotions, blocked energy, and create space for new beginnings. Who will join me? If you resonate with my words, I truly believe I have something to offer you. I look forward to connecting with you.

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